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All readers of The Urantia Book are strongly encouraged to participate in a study group.  The goals of a study group are to explore The Urantia Book in a way that promotes group discussion and interaction that is not possible when studying alone.  Group members also tend to form strong and lasting personal bonds with each other that extend and amplify the effects of individual study.


The UAUS website maintains a list of regularly verified Texas study groups here (scroll down to the Texas section.) Readers may also consult The Urantia Book Study Group Directory, a searchable global database of study groups. If you have questions or need help connecting with a study group, contact us.


While Texas boasts the second-highest Urantia Book study group count in the United States, it is also challenged by its own size and population distribution, and some of you may find yourself a fair distance from the nearest group.  Fortunately, otherwise isolated Texas readers can participate in online study groups, or organize their own local groups.


Becoming active in a study group is the best way for Urantia Book readers to expand their understanding of the teachings through interaction with fellow truth seekers.

The UAI website provides resources and guidance for starting a study group in your local area. Established Texas groups are encouraged to "web-enable" their meetings to extend their reach to readers who may not otherwise be able to be physically present, and "online-only" groups are also available   If you would like help with online study group options, contact us.

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