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How do I join the Lone Star Urantia Association?   It’s easy, and we just need your contact information to get started.  Anyone who is reading The Urantia Book and lives in (or near) Texas can join the Lone Star Urantia Association. Click here for the membership application page, then click on "Application" to apply.


What happens after I submit my contact information?  After submitting your contact information, you’ll get an email from the Urantia Association asking you to complete a brief questionnaire.  Upon acceptance, you will be contacted by an LSUA board member welcoming you to the Lone Star Urantia Association and UAI.


How will the information I provide in the questionnaire be used? The information collected allows us to meet your needs as a member.  The information you provide can help us connect you to a study group or a particular resource.  It can also help match you to service opportunities that you may be interested in.


Are my contact details and the information I provide in the questionnaire safe? Yes, access to your information is restricted to authorized Urantia Association administrative personnel.  Your information is not shared outside of our organization.  


Are there dues?  No dues are required to join the Lone Star Urantia Association.  But if you would like to make a donation to the organization, it would be greatly appreciated, as our entire operating costs are funded by your donations.  The Lone Star Urantia Association is a not-for-profit 501(3)c organization.  Any donations you make are tax deductible.  Click here to donate to LSUA.  

A student of The Urantia Book becomes a member of Urantia Association International by joining either a National or Local Association that serves their region.  Lone Star Urantia Association is the association serving the Texas Region.

We invite you to join a worldwide community of spiritual seekers who recognize The Urantia Book as an epochal revelation to this world. UAI members have discovered the integrated beauty of its supernal teachings and have responded to an inner desire to serve their fellows in our mutual quest for truth, beauty, and goodness.


UAI welcomes members from all races, cultures, nations, and religions. As a member of UAI you will join an international family of Urantia Book students who enjoy social activities and educational programs, including a wide range of service opportunities that will tap your personal skills and talents for the most important project of our time: the moral and spiritual rejuvenation of humanity.


Being a member of UAI provides opportunities to serve others by sharing a new revelation and also stimulates growth in personal development as we explore the profound depths of The Urantia Book’s teachings with others who are motivated to improve their lives and elevate the God consciousness of our world.

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